The Winchester Parent Advisory Council (WinPAC) is a state-mandated group of parents and guardians who work with teachers, administrators, and the School Committee to provide:

  • Opportunities for caregivers of children with special needs to share tips, advice and support

  • Opportunities for caregivers and educators to learn about special education, including the laws and regulations that protect a child receiving services under an individualized education plan (IEP);

  • Information about resources available to help children be successful, including educational materials, national support groups, speakers, technical assistance, enrichment activities, and professional services.

  • Avenues for caregivers to participate in the development and evaluation of Winchester's special education programs.

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Upcoming Events

No upcoming events!  Join our team and help us plan some!!

Past Events

A conversation with Special Education Director Pam Girouard.  The intent of this conversation is to ask questions, and relay concerns and successes in order to educate ourselves and help Pam plan for the start to the 2020-21 school year.  The meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, August 11, 2020 at 3:30 pm.

April 29, 2020. What Parents Need to Know About Reading Challenges, a presentation by Nancy Duggan, Executive Director of Decoding Dyslexia MA 

February 26, 2020. Neuropsychological Evaluations:  What Are They and What Are They Used For? with Dr. Nicole Jones

September 11, 2019   Welcome Back, PAC!  The PAC held its annual welcome back gathering at the Winchester Public Library.


May 8, 2019  WINPAC and Parent to Parent co-sponsored Friendship Matters! - Promoting Authentic Friendships for All, a presentation by Dr. Zachary Rosetti.  VIEW his Digital Toolkit for Making Friends with and without Disabilities in School.

April 3, 2019  Transition Specialist, Jen Calliston, lead the discussion on matters to consider as students transition to post secondary opportunities (vocational, employment, housing, schooling needs).  VIEW the presentation.

December 11, 2018 Planning for Two Generations with Alexandria Nadworny of Shepherd Financial Partners. This presentation covers the five factors of special needs planning which include financial, legal, government benefits, family and support and emotional. VIEW the presentation.

May 8, 2018, Special Education Teacher Appreciation Day!  Check out our tribute video HERE!

Apr 2, 2018, Light It Up BLUE, Autism Awareness, This event was sponsored by Winchester's Disability Access Commission with help from BRIO Integrated Theater, Winchester Multicultural Network, and WIN-PAC. Please view our FLYER for details of this past event.

Jan 17, 2018, WIN-PAC presented a workshop on Massachusetts Anti-Bullying Law with Leslie Hughes of Massachusetts Advocates for Children. Please VIEW the presentation.


Dec 13, 2017. WIN-PAC sponsored a workshop on Neuropsychological Evaluations and Interpreting the Results with Dr. Giancarlo Fusco, Psy.D. Integrated Center for Child Development. VIEW the presentation.

May 16, 2017. Presented by Donna Marcotte-Rizza, Assistive Technology Consultant. Topics included an explanation of Assistive Technology, how we use it in our public schools, what iPad apps and Chrome extensions are available.  VIEW the presentation.

May 2, 2016. Presented by George Marinakis, Ph.D. Co-Founder and Clinical Director Triumph Center and Angela M. DeSilva Mousseau, Ph.D. Triumph Center. Topics included: What are executive function skills? How do executive function skills develop? How is executive dysfunction different than delayed skill development? What strategies can be used at home and school to improve executive function skills? What is the current state of research on executive function?  VIEW the presentation.

January 11, 2016. Dr. Nadine Gaab presented on The Typical and Atypical Reading Brain, Early Identification of Developmental Dyslexia: Evidence from Behavioral and Brain Studies.  VIEW the presentation.


April 13, 2015 Maureen Michaud, M.Ed., BCBA, presented a workshop on the role of the BCBA in Winchester and strategies to increase your child’s independence at home. The discussion focused on homework completion, with strategies that assist with increasing independence with other chores and responsibilities at home.  VIEW the presentation.


External Resources

The External Resources link provides resources available that are not connected to the Winchester Public Schools. This section grows organically from input from readers like you. Please note that the WinPAC does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of any information presented on any third-party website listed on this site. In addition, the WinPAC does not endorse any of the informational content appearing on third-party websites or any of the providers listed on the WinPAC website. The WinPAC merely provides a list of organizations available to families. It is up to you to do your own diligence and research.

Neuropsych Assessments


Ann Brochin, PhD: http://www.annbrochin.com/

Neuropsych Assessments of Greater Boston 6179345364 *Takes Insurance!

Robyn Glover, MD in Watertown drrobynglover.com

Karen Bekken in Lexington/Bedford

ILD Institute for Learning and Development in Lexington

Joseph Moldover, PhD in Wellesley

ICCD Integrated Center for Child Development in Newton and Canton *takes most insurance

MGH LEAP Learning and Emotional Assessment Program *very very long wait times, takes most insurance

Nathan Doty, PhD Achieve New England in Concord

Lynn Chachkes in Wellesley

Boston Neuropsychological Services bostonneuropsych.com 7815598444

Cambridge Health Alliance Child and Adolescent Care


SpEd Attorneys

Michelle Moor: https://www.mpgfirm.com/michelle-moor/

Katie Meinelt:  



Erika Lally, Center Psychotherapy Winchester erikalally.com, child centered, art, sensory motor, equipment, selfregulation

Dr. Debra Rosenblum, Pharmapsychiatrist, Cambridge Health Alliance

Dr Albert (John) Sargent, Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist @ Tufts/Floating Hospital for Children’s ADHD Clinic: https://www.youtube.com/embed/O20GoPwp0gA

Dr. Karen Levine

Rick Irving (may not be taking patients but his talks are recommended)


Social Skills Groups

James Caron Ed.D., Connections Child and Adolescent social skills groups in Lexington, connectionsagp.com, 7818635555

Social Thinking in Sudbury


Triumph Center: https://triumphcenter.net

F.U.S.E. Program in Lexington



Part Time Employment Opportunities for Teens



Market Basket

Stop and Shop

Catch a Falling Star



OTA Wakefield

Spaulding in Lexington



Melrose Wakefield Oral Surgery

Dr. Carolyn Coppe DMD, Sears Pediatric and Orthodontics in Lexington

Dr. Wilson, Winchester Orthodontics on Thomson St



Roseanne Cutroni, Nutritionist in Arlington


After School Activities

Parts and Crafts in Somerville

Tom DeFranzo Tae Kwon Do on Church St in Winchester

Elite Freestyle, Peaceful Warriors in Woburn

Bay State Martial Arts in Cummings Park, Woburn

Winchester Community Music School Music and Movement (with Kiko for very young kids) and Melodica and Recorder Classes on Highland Ave in Winchester

Music, Guitar and Piano, Medford Music Studio, Laura Bereton, Raleigh Green, medfordmusicstudio.com, 6173087218

Music (infants and toddlers/preschool) Mommy and Me for young kids, Groovy Baby Music inline, Laura Sabini



Becky Parkhill, math, in Winchester


Transition Resources

Autism Housing Pathways, Catherine Boyle


Summer Camps

ID Tech Camp

Fuse Summer Camp in Lexington

Camp Starfish

MGH Aspire


Triumph Center: https://triumphcenter.net


Developmental Pediatricians

Dr. Patricia Davis at ICCD in Newton


Executive Function Support

Cognitive Connections, Sarah Ward, in Concord 9783695200

Education Advocates

1)   Barbara Ball, EdM MS LICSW

cell:  617 306-3461

fax:   617 542-1542



Barbara Ball’s CV is here.  I have a colleague Elizabeth Orlando who works for me and is excellent with 504 plans and Transition planning for HS students.  She can be reached c/o my practice or eorlando@neuroedservices.com


2) Rachel Wilson:



My office number is 781-369-1394.  Perspective clients are advised to email me first so that we can set up a time to speak- I am rarely in my office!


I have been doing advocacy work for the past 18 years.  I have done a great deal of work in Winchester so I know the system well.  I have worked in every school in the district and have had mostly positive outcomes.  I do not specialize in any particular disability or age group although I do particularly enjoy starting my work with a family when their child is young.  


I have a Masters in Education from Wheelock.  I participated in the advocacy training run by the Federation for Children with Special Needs and I am a member of the Special Needs Advocacy Network. I was the head of the Lesley Ellis School for 11 years and have worked in various positions including corporate child care and Early Intervention (as a Developmental Educator).  My entire career has been focused on education.


3) Sue Carras-Terzakis 
Educational Advocacy Solutions 
North Andover, MA 01845 
Tel. (978) 686-3212 
Web: www.educationaladvocacysolutions.com 
Email: sterzakis@verizon.net


I have experience in Winchester in all the schools including elementary, middle and high school.  I deal with ages 3-18 and have especially strong skills in language based learning disabilities (dyslexia).  I work with a variety of disability categories including autism, anxiety and emotional disabilities (bipolar, ODD, trauma etc).  I feel that my relationships with Winchester administration are strong and collaborative.


I have helped families with a variety of services including getting their kids on IEPs, making sure the IEP is written in the most appropriate way for the child to make effective progress using the best methodologies and I have outplaced children to out of district programs because Winchester has been unable to meet their needs.


I have been a Special Education Advocate for over 16 years.  I have completed the training at the Federation for Children with Special Needs and continue to attend many courses and seminars yearly related to advocacy and special education law. I am an active member of several organizations, which offer ongoing training and support to advocates including the most current changes to regulations and legislation, including SPAN, Wrightslaw and COPPA. 


4) Faith M. Morgan B.S. Ed., M.P.P | Educational Advocate, Principal | 617-393-3704| fmorgan@mafamilyandchild.org

Faith M. Morgan Advocacy 
126 Main Street #19
Watertown, MA 02471


I’ve been advocating for children and families for over 25 years.  I have a B.S. in Education and a Master’s in Public Policy (focusing in Family/Child Policy such as IDEA) and I am a former teacher and administrator of integrated classrooms. In addition, I have completed  Suffolk Law ALS, Wilson, Lindamood-Bell, Wrightslaw, and  FCSN training (and more) and I am an FSCN trainer. I am also a former SPAN Board member. I do serve the Winchester area and have had cases there in the past.  I work with all ages and disabilities but have specializations in Early Childhood (0-8), SLD and Emotional/behavioral challenges.


5) Elizabeth Bostic
Advocate/Parent Consultant 

The Parent Coach LLC
Special Education Advocacy and Consulting
P. O. Box 245  ▪  Reading, MA 01867

617 592 3852 (office)  ▪  781 209 5956 (fax)

ebostic@theparentcoachllc.com  ▪  www.theparentcoachllc.com


My last case in WPS was for a child with a learning disability. I’ve been advocating for 13 years now and have successfully represented students of all ages with all types of disabilities.

I am trained through the Federation for Children with Special Needs and am a certified John Maxwell Trainer, Coach and Presenter. I am a previous President of SPaN (Special Needs Advocacy Network), a network of special needs advocates in Massachusetts, as well as a member of the IMPACT: Ability Steering Committee, COPAA (Council for Parent Attorneys and Advocates) and P.I.C.K. (Parents of Infants and Children with Kernicterus). I was previously a member of the ArcMass board and the Reading Special Education Parent Advisory Council.


6) Catherine Smith Mayes


I am accepting new clients and my phone number is 781-771-8867, my email is catherinesmayes@aol.com
I am most experienced with working with students on the autism spectrum, across the spectrum, but also work with students with language based learning disabilities, ADD, ADHD, and emotional challenges. 

A brief biography:  I have been an advocate for 20 years, ten of those years were spent working at MassAdvocates for Children as the Autism Project Advocate.  I've completed the Federation for Children with Special Needs ParentAdvocacy training, and also completed the Advanced Advocacy Training SEEP training. I was one of 16 advocates in Massachusetts chosen to participate in the SEEP advanced training program at the Federation for Children with Special Needs.  My resume includes a number of trainings/workshops I've attended, as well as workshops where I was the presenter.  Although a majority of my caseload is with students on the Autism Spectrum, I also have significant experience working for families with students with language based learning disabilities, ADHD and ADD, and emotional challenges.  


7) Jennie DunKley is a 19+ year veteran special education consultant and advocate. She is a senior trainer for the Federation for Children with Special Needs (FCSN) workshops in Basic Rights; IEP Development; Learning Styles; and Transition. She has taught “ASD and the Law” for Massachusetts Autism Endorsement candidates and presents her own workshops, including the Four Fs of Function; Positive Parenting; Translating Neuropsychs into Functional and Measurable IEPs; Multiple Learning Styles; and ASD Transition IEPs, to educators, advocates, evaluators and parent groups. She received advocacy training though William & Mary Law School’s ISEA Clinic; Suffolk University Law School, Center for Advanced Legal Studies; FCSN; Wrightslaw and the OSEP/COPAA SEAT (Special Education Advocacy Training) program, which included a practicum at the Massachusetts Disability Law Center. Jennie initiated and developed SPaN programs such as the School Fair, the Same Side of the Table and the SPaN Grant project. In addition to her work on the Board of SPaN, she serves as an Advisory Committee member for SpedEx and on AANE’s Conference Committee. Jennie is a past Chair of the Massachusetts Special Education Advisory Council (SAC) where she also served as a parent representative.




Jennie H. DunKley
JDK Communications: Special Education Consulting

9 Meetinghouse Lane, South Easton, MA 02375

Email: jenniedunkley@gmail.com

Phone: (508) 230-7357 / Fax: (888) 274 3903


8) Cynthia deAngelis

Cynthia DeAngelis, M.Ed.
Educational Consultant



I refer to myself as an educational consultant- Advocate. My experience is as a special education teacher, administrator, chairperson and head of school for an out of district special education school. I currently have a diverse caseload and have many with ADHD, Learning disabilities, intellectual impairment, autism and mental health issues, depression, anxiety and school refusal as well as support through post secondary options.  I work in many towns in Massachusetts. 


9) Martina Roy “Tina” Lynde
Tel. (617) 965-5549; FAX: (617) 527-9690
11 Stearns Street
Newton, MA 02459
Email: martinalynde@me.com


I have worked with several families in Winchester, and all with children who have a variety of special needs and are of various ages. 

(As of June 2018, practice is full)


WinPAC By-laws

  1. NAME

    1. Winchester Special Education Parents Advisory Council (hereinafter the "WIN-PAC")


    1. The WIN-PAC is formed pursuant to the provisions of Section 3 of Chapter 71B of the Massachusetts General Laws.  This authority is also codified in the Code of Massachusetts Regulations (CMR), 603 CMR 28.07(4).


    1. The purpose of the WIN-PAC is to:

      1. Provide education, resources, and information to parents/guardians and the broader community on special education issues and services.

      2. To establish a better understanding of, respect for, and support of special education throughout the community.

      3. To promote communication, understanding, acceptance, and inclusion within the community.

      4. Facilitate communication and the free exchange of information and ideas between and among the residents of the Town of Winchester, the Winchester School Committee, the administration and staff of the Winchester School Department and the parents/guardians of children with special needs.

  4. Function

      1. Advise the Winchester School Committee on matters that pertain to the education and safety of students with disabilities.

      2. Meet regularly with school officials to participate in the planning, development and evaluation of the Winchester School District's special education programs.

        1. Participate in the development and review of the Three Year Program Plan prior to submission to the Massachusetts Department of Education.

      3. Take such other or additional action as the WIN-PAC shall deem necessary or appropriate regarding the special needs of students and special education in the Town of Winchester.


    1. Qualifications – Any person who is a Winchester resident and qualifies as one of the following shall be eligible for general membership in the WIN-PAC:

      1. the parent or legal guardian of a person with special needs between the ages of zero (0) and twenty two (22); or

      2. a person not less than fourteen (14) years of age who is eligible to receive special education services from the Town of Winchester; or

      3. another interested party;

    2. General members who do not have children receiving Special Education services and who would like to be included in the WIN-PAC mailings should contact the WIN-PAC at info@winchesterpac.org with their request. They will be added to the WIN-PAC’s direct mailing list and will receive mailings directly from WIN-PAC.  Parents/guardians of children receiving Special Education services may opt into the WIN-PAC’s direct mailing list by contacting the WIN-PAC at info@winchesterpac.org. All information will be kept private and used only for WIN-PAC purposes.


    1. Officers – The WIN-PAC Officers shall include one or more of a Chair,  Vice-Chair or Co-chair, Communications Chair (herein referred to collectively sometimes as the "Officers"). Any member of the WIN-PAC shall be qualified to be an Officer.

    2. Duties – All Officers shall use their offices to cause the WIN-PACto further the purposes and functions stated in Articles 3 and 4 of these By-Laws. In addition, each Officer shall have the duties set forth below.

      1. Duties of the Chair/Co-Chair – The Chair shall preside at all meetings of the WIN-PACat which the Chair shall be present and shall have the power to set the agenda (which may be amended at any time) for regular meetings and shall perform such other functions as the WIN-PAC shall determine.

      2. Duties of the Vice-Chair – The Vice-Chair shall perform the duties of the Chair in his or her absence or as requested by the Chair or other Officer, and shall perform such other functions as the WIN-PAC shall determine.

      3. Duties of the Communications Chair - The Communications Chair shall provide input into communications in respect of providing information to members, increasing awareness of the WIN-PAC, and extending its impact in the community. Vacancy – If a vacancy shall occur for any reason, the remaining Officers, if any, shall appoint a successor who shall serve in such capacity until the members shall elect a successor at the next meeting of the WIN-PACCouncil. If there are no remaining Officers, the WIN-PACCouncil member of longest standing shall assume the duties of Chairperson until the members shall elect a successor at the next meeting of the WIN-PAC.

      4. Resignation – Any officer shall have the right to resign his or her office at any time for any reason by written notice to the Secretary. Such resignation shall become effective upon the date the same shall be received by the Secretary. An interim successor shall be appointed or determined in accordance with the provisions of Section 7 of this Article 6.

      5. Election of Officers – The members shall elect the Officers by a majority at the regular meeting of the WIN-PAC in the spring of each year, or at an appropriate time, to hold office for one year and until their successors are elected. Nomination of Officers may be made and seconded by any member in attendance. If a vacancy shall occur in any office for any reason, the members shall nominate and elect a successor at the next meeting of the WIN-PAC.

      6. Removal of Officers – The members shall have the right to remove any Officer of the Council at any time for any just cause, including, but not limited to, the failure of such Officer to perform the duties of such office. Such removal may be made at meeting upon the motion of any member provided the motion is adopted by not less than a two-thirds majority vote of the members present at such meeting. If the Officer against whom such vote is taken is then presiding over such meeting, such Officer shall give control of the meeting over to another Officer present for the purpose of taking and recording such vote. If no other Officer is present, then such Officer shall give control of the meeting to the Council member of longest standing among the members present. If any such Officer shall be removed pursuant to the provisions of this Section 5 of this Article IV, the members shall forthwith elect his or her successor.

      7. Multiple Offices – Nothing contained in this Article V shall be construed to limit or prohibit one member from holding more than one office of the WIN-PAC.

      8. Additional Officers - With a two-thirds majority vote of the Officers, the PAC may designate additional officers and shall define the duties and authorities for those officers. Additional officers may be dissolved by a two-thirds majority vote of the Officers.


    1. All meetings of the WIN-PAC shall be open to the public, provided, however, that the Officers may meet in executive session as the Officers shall deem necessary or appropriate to discuss matters which are of a sensitive or confidential nature. A quorum for the transaction of business shall exist at any meeting of the WIN-PAC at which not less than two-thirds (2/3) of the Officers are in attendance. Action on any matter brought before a meeting of the WIN-PAC at which a quorum shall be present shall be decided by vote of a majority of the members present unless a two thirds (2/3) majority is required pursuant to the provisions of these By-Laws.


    1. These By-Laws shall not be amended except in writing certified by the an Officer of the WIN-PAC by a two-thirds majority vote of the members present at any regular meeting at which a vote to amend these By-Laws shall be taken.


    1. If any provision of these By-Laws shall to any extent be invalid, the remainder of these By-Laws shall not be affected thereby.

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